Into the Woods with Red Riding Hood

It took us one year, four seasons and four fairytales to finish the magical project that my wife once came up with. As soon as she shared it with me I knew it was going to result in an amazing journey that we would cherish forever as we look back to it.

It all began with a musical called ”Into the Woods”. A fairytale musical where four very famous fairytale characters have their adventures all tied together in an original story with a twist. (In fact, there are many twists.)
We decided to have an adventure ourselves, and with the help of two of our good friends, we tied our own original story together. It was pretty amazing to see how we all contributed to the characters we were assigned to portrait. It included a lot of visits to different thrift stores which I think is one of the most fun parts of a project like this.
To make our ”Into the Woods” project more personal we wanted to add some twists of our own. It was all planned by my wife to use the four seasons, one for each character. This project would take some time to finish but it would be worth it.

“The prettier the flower, the farther from the path.” – Red Riding Hood


We would start in the middle of the cold winter, and since my wife has a strong connection with Red riding hood she was going to portrait her part in the story. With a hand sewed cloak over an outfit who could resist any cold fairytale winter, she packed a basket of bread, apples, and goodies to bring to ”granny’s cottage”. If the woods were wolf-infested or not is another story. I am pretty sure that if they had seen this red character walking on their paths, their frozen wolf hearts would have melted instantly, and spring would be in their howls. (CLICK THE IMAGES TO SEE THEM IN A BIGGER SIZE)

Red Riding Hood was portraited by my wife Lindsay.
Please visit her at WWW.THEBYGONEGAL.COM and/or INSTAGRAM.

You can also read about different adventures of ours at our other blog, ITS A CHARMING LIFE.

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Reading tips: ”The Season of the Curse”, my short fairytale which is a continuation of ”Into the Woods”.
Into the Woods with Cinderella – Spring has arrived in this project.
Into the Woods with Jack – Summer has arrived.
Into the Woods with Rapunzel – Autumn has arrived. (Coming soon)

Thank you for reading!

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