Into the Woods with Cinderella

In wintertime, It’s been said, where ever a warm-hearted wish is made a snowdrop is raised. That was what happened to Cinderella in my continuation story of the beloved Fairytale ”Into the Woods”, that I call ”The season of the curse”.

Spring also broke out as we portraited Cinderella for our enchanted ”Into the Woods” project that took us one year to finish. The reason for the whole year is that as a unique twist we wanted to connect each character to their own season.

In this blog post, I would like to continue our journey through this inspiring project by my wife and me, that was first shared in my previous post (…read more). From ”Red Riding Hood” and the frostbitten Winter we have now arrived at Spring. ”As snowdrops are raised we know that a warm-hearted wish has been made”, something that I think fits the multi-talented artist and author, Kelsey. A. Lecky who was amazing as Cinderella.

A slipper as pure as gold!

Among blooming trees, bright green grass and a higher altitude, my wife Lindsay meet up with her in the North Carolina mountains. Behind the camera, we had the brilliant photographer Krista, at Magnolia Ridge Photography.

Into the Woods, she went, with golden slippers on her feet. A blush pink dress waiving in the soft breeze. Steady steps into the woods, with an early sunrise showing her the way. Her silent wishes were not heard by any soul, but everyone could sense that whatever wish she made the snowdrops declared it would come true. (CLICK THE IMAGES TO SEE THEM IN A BIGGER SIZE)

Cinderella was portraited by our good friend Kelsey. A. Lecky.

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Next time I will share Jack and the Beanstalk’s part of this project.

Thank you for reading!

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