Into the Woods – The season of the curse [Short Story + Illustrations]

Happily ever after does not mean a life without struggles. “The Season of the Curse” is the story of what happened a few years later. Written and illustrated by, me, Jonas Karlsson.

The old witch smiled to herself, the whole village was hers, she had its future in her hand. No more dreams, no more laughter here she thought to herself while her newborn curse spread like a disease. Chasing everyone from the oldest widow to the youngest child, not even a single pet could escape. She enjoyed it with an evil passion that she hadn’t felt in ages, she had cursed them all. Finally, the happiness belonged to her. She raised her wand in the air and a green mist surrounded her and suddenly she vanished. It took her back to her dark enchanted cottage deep among sprawling roots and murky old trees. It would soon be a castle here, she had it all planned out. She would be the new queen and everyone in the realm would bow to her.

Meanwhile, as she was busy laughing like an old crow, 4 good friends in the cursed village was gathering around an old book of theirs. They all have had their own spectacular adventures as children, cursed many times back and forth, which made them immune I assume. You might have heard of them because they were well known in the kingdom. The book was their own journals filled with important scribbles worth to remember, and they just knew that somewhere it was a page about how to break a curse. If the witch would know this she would be everything else than happy, but in this instant she leaned back in her old rocking chair made of old bones, taking a big sip of the darkest blend of tea there ever was.

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Red, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Jack agreed on that the best way to break the curse was to do it together. The curse was a seasonal curse which meant that it was connected which all the four seasons. In the old book, they could read that the only way to break it is to break it in pieces. Cinderella read out loud “Each piece is Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. It can only be broken by a person born in the same season” It was of great luck since the 4 old friends were all born in different seasons and would together cover the whole year.

Red was the first one out because she was born during a cold winter blizzard almost identical to the current snowstorm increasing in power. To break the winter curse she had to sacrifice a piece of her most beloved belongings which was a piece of her red cloak, once upon a time made by her dear grandmother. She really hoped their book would be right as she with great hope spoke out load “I break you old curse” as the cold wind took the piece of her cloak. Nothing of big difference really happened but that was a good sign since an old curse like this was designed to make the “curse breaker” believe it didn’t work.

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While the evil witch in silence worked on her evil plans it soon becomes spring. Snow transformed to snowdrops and flowers raised through the soil. Cinderella was ready to break her part. Her most beloved object was her golden slippers. As she quietly left one of them next to a wild bush, never be found again, she uttered “I break you old curse”. A few butterflies were flying past in a playful pattern and the 4 friends took it as a sign that the curse now was only half as strong.

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When the open meadows turned green and the summer arrived Jack decided that he would break his part during the night of midsummer. It was clear that midsummer was the most magical night of the whole year. Maybe would their curse-breaking also be more powerful than any other day? They didn’t have anything to lose. Jack had a bucket of milk that was from his beloved friend and companion “Milky White”. It had been the last bucket of milk she ever produced, by magic preserved to last for everyone’s need during all these years. She was now very old and everyone in the village loved her. Jack sat at their favourite spot, he poured out the milk in a circle as he sobbed “I break you old curse”.

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As the pumpkins grow big the autumn had arrived and everyone was excited that the curse would hopefully soon be broken. The witch had been on everyone’s nerve for so long time now, and the joy was long gone since the forest had turned dark and scary. No one dared to walk there anymore as wild creatures had been taking over the other time so friendly walking paths. Rapunzel was still brave enough to run to a nearby hill. She could see the old tower that was a part of her old story. It was the day before Halloween and the forest was burning in red and orange colours. Rapunzel had a scissor in her hand, her hair was her favourite object since it once had saved her from the tower she once had been trapped in. With a quick snip and an extra snap just to be sure, her hair fell to the ground. It was taken by the wind and she screamed out “I break you old curse”.

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The hair started to sparkle and was transformed into a cloud of golden dust. The trees were shaking and the dust soon covered the whole forest. Rapunzel could hear the horrible which screaming of anguish in the distance. She got weaker and weaker and green smoke was lifted from each corner of the kingdom. Her magic vanished and disappeared forever. The curse was broken and from that moment, daydreams where once again dreamed, hope and joy overflowed each and others mind.

In the old book of scribbles, it was that day written, “A curse can always be broken”.

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